Home Insurance Ireland

Discover how home insurance in Ireland is dominated by some leading insurance companies but by shopping around and getting quotations you can save yourself a lot of money and get cheap insurance into the bargain.

When you are faced with renewing your household insurance you will find a bewildering range of choice from leading insurers such as 123.ie, Axa, Quinn, Royal and Sun Alliance, FBD and AIB, One Direct not to mention the services provided by insurance brokers.

Whether you are looking for mobile or holiday home insurance for your property you should do a little research online first and get a range of quotes because it will pay off in the end with a competitive insurance quotation.

When you are carrying out your comparison we would recommend that you keep a note pad and pencil handy and write down all of the quotes you get from the companies involved. The reason for this is that you can discuss the quotations with your partner without the distraction of the many gimmicks offered by the insurance companies.

Home Insurance Ireland
Home Insurance Ireland

A cursory glance at the websites of Axa, Allianz, AIB and others will show you that there are many incentives on offer ranging from online discounts (10% on Allianz) to competitions for a free IPod Touch to special offers on your car insurance. These offers and discount can be distracting so when you check your note book later on you can assess the best household insurance deal for you and your family without a lot of gimmicks cluttering your mind. Read house insurance quotes also.

Home Insurance Ireland

Most insurance companies provide you with quotes online and 123.ie promise to give you one within 2 minutes.

BestQuote (www.bestquote.ie) is the website of a group of independent insurance brokers around the country and most or all parts of the country are covered by this group. Their online facility will allow you to make comparisons between the quotes of all home insurance providers in the Irish market.

The AA may not be automatically associated with home insurance but in fact they provide a home insurance package which has a number of nice benefits such as cover of up to €1,000 for fraudulent use of your credit cards and standard accidental damage cover. See AXA home insurance also.

Buying house insurance

When you are buying house insurance do keep in mind the following general points

• You will generally get the most competitive insurance quotes when you combine both contents and buildings insurance together

• When you are working out how much cover you need remember that the amount you need to cover is the cost of rebuilding your home, not the market value (the market value of your house will obviously include the site value) Check out house insurance comparison Ireland also.

Home Insurance Ireland


Home contents cover

The contents cover part of your insurance policy will provide cover for loss or damage to the contents of your house under specified circumstances which will be set out in your policy document. Generally these circumstances would be fire, flood, smoke, subsidence, storm and theft but if you are in any doubt make sure to clarify with your insurance company or broker.

Your contents policy can also be used to cover valuables such as jewellery in your home but again check with your insurer to clarify this.

You may also get a better deal if you get both your home insurance and car insurance from the same provider in a bundled package so if you are looking for the best possible quote keep this in mind.

Check also to see if your quote includes cover for accidental damage as most home insurance policies will provide some element of cover but you need to be sure if you spill paint on your carpet or destroy your laptop with a mug of tea or coffee.

Home Insurance Ireland

These are some pointers when it comes to house insurance quotes; don’t forget though to clarify with the insurance company or broker every step of the way what is actually covered and what is not.

We hope you find home insurance Ireland helpful in your taks of getting the best quotation for your property and future articles will deal with holiday home insurance, mobile home insurance and other tips and hints to help you get the best and cheapest home insurance deal in Ireland.