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House Insurance Comparison in Ireland

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When looking at a house insurance comparison in Ireland keep in mind that the cheapest quotation may not be the most appropriate policy for your home and you do need to compare the exclusions and any special terms in the policies of insurers.

The Financial Regulator in conjunction with the National Consumer Agency did a house insurance comparison in Ireland in February 2011 and their survey is pretty comprehensive and is well worth a look.

The comparison looked at a number of different houses in various parts of Ireland including in Limerick, Dublin, Donegal, Mayo and Kilkenny.

Each house was quoted for on the basis of the information supplied which varied in terms of rebuilding cost, contents value, age of home, security locks present or not, smoke alarms fitted, previous claims, alarms fitted and so on.

It is worth noting that none of the prices quoted were from insurance brokers but were from leading insurers such as Zurick, Royal Sun Alliance, Allianz, Aviva, Axa, ChartisDirect, Lloyds through, Quinn Direct and FBD.

House Insurance Comparison Ireland

We will take a brief look at the findings below but bear in mind that the age of the properties varied for the purpose of the price comparison and many of the other variables were different also in relation to contents, alarms, risk of flooding, previous claims etc.


A brief summary of the comparison shows that the Dublin 6 home received quotations ranging from Lloyds at €404 to AXA at €686.

House Insurance Comparison Ireland

The Donegal home had a lowest quote from Aviva at €242 to ChartisDirect quoting a price of €470.


The Limerick home was a 3 bed terraced house in Castleconnell and the lowest price was Lloyds at €319 and highest Zurich at €334.


Interestingly many of the insurers refused to quote for this property.


You may check out an house insurance comparison chart to assess the full details of all of the quotes for the various houses.


How useful this comparison actually is is debatable as when you are looking for insurance for your property your quotation will be based on the specific circumstances of your home and consideration will be given to a whole range of factors.


Factors like age of your property, any previous claims, is it prone to flooding, does it have an approved alarm, smoke alarm, what is the rebuilding cost, what contents value do you want to cover, what age you are, is there a neighbourhood watch scheme and so on.


For this reason these comparisons in prices are of limited value; to get the best insurance quotation for your house you will have to shop around, either online or by phone, to source the best deal for you.


And do not be afraid to do this exercise every year as many insurance companies make a lot of money from the inertia and indolence of their clients who don’t shop around and stay with the same insurance company for years. This is offering the insurance company an invitation to increase your premium each year if you don’t keep them on their toes by making a house insurance comparison each year your policy becomes due.

Mobile Home Insurance

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When looking for mobile home insurance for your caravan or mobile in Ireland there are a limited enough range of options-but there are insurers nevertheless who will insure your mobile.

There are a number of significant exclusions though which we will look at below.


Firstly when looking for the best deal in mobile home insurance you will need some basic information to hand such as

  • The model of mobile or caravan
  • The serial number
  • It’s permanent location
  • Whether you let it out for hire or only use it for personal use
  • The value of your mobile home/caravan and whether you want personal effects insured.


Most insurers who provide cover for mobile homes will give you a separate policy or you can add it as an extra to your home insurance, for example Allianz offer mobile home insurance as an extra option to their regular house insurance. See also holiday home insurance.

Mobile Home Insurance


When looking at different insurance policies for your mobile or caravan check the following:

  • Does the policy cover all fixtures and fittings including satellite dishes, decking, outdoor storage sheds and any verandah you may have?
  • Are household goods and personal effects contained in your mobile covered?
  • If you need to remove your caravan for repair after damage are the costs of transport/removal covered?
  • If your mobile is made uninhabitable as a result of damage or stormy weather are you covered?
  • Are fire brigade charges included in the policy?
  • Is there 3rd party cover for any liability to others?
  • Are there requirements in relation to whether the mobile is permanently secured?
  • What is the requirement in relation to the period from October to March when the mobile or caravan can normally unused?
  • Are any caravan awnings included in your policy cover?
  • If the caravan is hired out for profit is it covered?
  • What is the situation if you decide to tour abroad in the UK or Europe?
  • If you do hire it out is your mobile covered for theft?

Mobile Home Insurance

When looking for insurance you will probably get the best deal from a specialist insurer who understands and is familiar with the mobile/caravan market so shop around and speak to other caravan owners as to who they insure with and their experience when forced to make a claim under their policy.

Holiday Home Insurance | Second Home Insurance

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Finding good holiday home insurance can be problematic for many Irish people who have a second home either in Ireland or abroad.

Many Irish people who bought second homes in countries such as Spain, France, the UK or other overseas locations encounter difficulty in getting decent quotes for their second property.

The reason for this is that for it to be profitable for an Irish insurance company to provide you with cover they need a good many overseas properties on their books in order to gain some scale to make it worth their whild.

Some leading insurance companies such as Axa, and the AA provide limited holiday home insurance cover for second homes both here in Ireland in popular spots such as Donegal, Kerry or Wexford or overseas.

Your best bet may be to contact insurance brokers who place business in the UK market with many of these policies ultimately being underwritten by Lloyds of London.

One such company who specialize in second or overseas home insurance policies is Intasure which is a UK based company specialising in second home policies with policy documents in English.

It is important to understand the limitations of your policy and the need in some locations to make provision for cover for earthquakes and other local events that you may not consider when insuring your home in Ireland.

Holiday Home Insurance Ireland


Many insurers however will not quote you for your holiday home insurance as a standalone product-they insist that you have your primary residence insured with them also before quoting for a second home. is an Irish operation will get you a quote though for your holiday home-you need to fill out their form online and they will get you a quote from leading providers of holiday home insurance. is the portal of Irish insurance brokers O’Callaghan Insurances and was launched in 2006.


First Ireland may also provide insurance for overseas homes and cover Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and the Uk with your policy being underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Holiday Home Insurance Ireland


Chartis Ireland also provide insurance cover for holiday homes but only in Ireland and there are a number of issues which you will need to consider when obtaining insurance for your holiday home. These include

  • What, if any, restrictions are in place in respect of letting your property
  • Are there any onerous or hidden conditions in relation to the property being unoccupied
  • Is it necessary to turn off electricity and water to your unoccupied Irish property between November and March?

Undoubtedly you will find it easier to find insurance for your second home in Ireland and the fact that you can negotiate locally with a broker in Ireland is reassuring; overseas property on the other hand is much more problematic and you will probably be best advised to contact some of the bigger insurance brokers who specialize in this area of business and who act as agents for some of the bigger UK insurers who would have a vibrant, expat market overseas in places like France, Spain and Turkey.

Axa Home Insurance

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Axa home insurance are one of the leading providers of insurance in the Irish market and we thought it would be worthwhile to take a closer look at their operation.

Like all insurers in Ireland Axa home insurance can be bought quickly and easily online. One of the reasons for the popularity of Axa is the extensive nature of their contents cover.

Axa Contents Cover

Axa contents cover covers a very wide range of eventualities such as:

• Accidental breakage of glass and windows

• Entertainment equipment

• Title deeds (up to a limit of €1,300)

• Visitors’ property

• Wedding and Christmas presents

• Fatal accident cover

• Cover for jury service (€20 per day up to a max of €750)

• Loss of heating oil due to accident (up to €750)

• Loss of credit cards

• Frozen food and cover for many other annoying losses

Axa Home Insurance

Axa Home Insurance

Building cover

Axa’s building cover provides for damage to television aerials and satellite dishes, temporary accommodation and rent where necessary (up to 20% of sum insured), fire brigade charges and cover for finding a leak.
Axa insurance discounts
Axa provide some very attractive discounts such as:

• 10% for over 50s

• 10% if you have an approved alarm

• Up to 30% no claims bonus

• 15% if you have an Axa car insurance policy.

As with all insurance policies you will want to check your policy document closely as notwithstanding the attractive features mentioned above in both the home and contents policies extras that you may choose to buy include accidental damage cover, personal effects cover and personal injury. See also home insurance Ireland and house insurance quotes in Ireland.

Axa Home Insurance

If you shop around you will find that accidental damage cover is included as standard in many policies from FBD, Bank of Ireland, AA, Quinn and others so the advice is to always compare like with like to compare properly.

Axa also insure holiday homes, investment properties, homes during construction and fine art collections for the luckier members of society who have such collections.

Your home insurance quote from Axa will be cheaper if you make your house safer with approved burglar alarms, smoke alarms, membership of neighbourhood watch or other community schemes which are active in watching out for your neighbours.

Axa provide a 24 hour helpline for urgent repairs after storms etc. and they will even cover your contents in transit.
Axa also allow you to pay your home insurance premiums each monthly although they do charge a hefty APR17.04% for the privilege and you are responsible for the first €350 of a claim and €1,000 where there is an escape of water.

When it comes to making and handling claims Axa are pretty progressive insofar as they provide a home repair service which involves Axa sending out a builder or tradesman to assess the damage in your home.

Axa will then pay the builder directly and use an approved list of building contractors in Ireland. The benefits of this service is that there is a lot less hassle for you as homeowner, you don’t have to worry about getting estimates and the repair work is guaranteed.

Axa home insurance are a market leader in Ireland and would be one of your first options to compare with the likes of FBD or Quinn when it comes to your new quotation; discounts for existing car policy holders combined with their smooth handling of home insurance claims with the Axa home repair service are also very popular with Irish homeowners.

House Insurance Quotes Ireland

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The best place to get house insurance quotes in Ireland is on the internet; when looking for insurance for your home you can easily compare rates from leading insurance companies such as NoNonsense (which is a trading name of FBD), Tesco, Aviva, Bank of Ireland, Allianz, AA, Quinn Direct, Best Quote, Zurich and all of the leading players.

One of the main benefits of looking for cheap home insurance online is that most of the leading providers provide online calculators which calculate your premiums once you have inputted the necessary details.

This allows you to compare quotes without the hassle of a hard talking salesperson trying to pressurize you into buying their companies products and you can always come back to your research if you are disturbed of have to do something else by simply saving your quotes in a file on your computer.

House Insurance Quotes Ireland

House Insurance Quotes Ireland

When comparing quotes ensure that you are comparing like with like and that if you are getting a quotation from one company which includes contents insurance check that the comparators also include contents insurance. See also home insurance Ireland and Axa home insurance.


Working out the most competitive rates can be tricky because many insurance companies offer incentives to deal with them.

When comparing quotes bear in mind some key terms such as accidental damage which provides cover for damage to contents in your home as a result of an accident.

Accidental damage would be standard with most home insurance policies but check out the offers carefully and read the small print because accidental damage is actually an option with and not standard.

House Insurance Quotes Ireland

In fact NoNonsense builds it’s model of pricing on you purchasing the precise cover you want with many options costing extra such as accidental damage, theft of garden items and all risks cover which would be included with the standard home insurance cover provided by other companies such as Bank of Ireland and the AA.

Aviva house insurance includes extra cover at Christmas and family weddings and visitors’ belongings and many companies provide a “new for old” feature in their contents insurance which means that they will provide for the replacement of old property stolen with new versions.



Contents cover

Contents cover can be based on a percentage of your buildings cover or you can opt for a specified sum with a minimum insured value of around €20,000.


Interestingly if you want to compare quotes from some leading companies such as FBD, AXA, Allianz, Royal Sun Alliance and Aviva you can actually do so on the FBD website as they have an insurance quotes comparator based on a standard house in Meath with 20% contents cover.


This online comparator is very handy to compare insurance quotes in one place and another site which allows you to get house insurance quotes in one site is at which is a portal of independent insurance brokers in Ireland.


Looking for home insurance quotes online in Ireland does make the task of getting cheap house insurance a lot easier and more efficient than spending countless hours on the telephone as in the old days, a lot of this time spent on hold. But a word of warning-read the terms and conditions of each companies insurance policy carefully and compare like with like to get the cheapest house insurance quotes for your home.