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Quinn Insurance Ireland Have You Covered

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Quinn insurance Ireland encompasses a broad range of insurance products in the Irish market.

Quinn Insurance Limited is currently under administration but continues to provide insurance cover in Ireland under a number of different business names.

Search names such as Quinn-direct, Quinn direct-insurance, Quinn-insurance and Quinn-healthcare.

(Check out health insurance Ireland and Tesco car insurance Ireland also)

Quinn insurance provides insurance cover  in the areas of:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance and
  • Healthcare.

Quinn business insurance

Quinn business insurance provides cover for the motor trade, hotel industry, farming, offices and shops, commercial property, construction, pubs, professional and more.

Quinn Insurance Ireland

One of the primary benefits of getting your insurance from Quinn is that they have local representatives around the country and are renowned for their fast settlement approach.


They also offer to pay up to 50% of policy excess in circumstances where the policyholder helps to avoid legal costs.


Quinn’s settlement approach involves a fast approach to settling claims which sees about 97% of claims being resolved without the necessity of many of the costs usually associated with claims handling. In fact they claim to settle 97% of claims within 12 months and over 70% within 3 months.


This approach to settling claims can lead to lower insurance premiums for all policyholders with Quinn insurance.


Their claims service sees regional claims managers being notified within two hours of an accident being reported and once a claim is investigated and liability ascertained an offer of settlement is made.

Quinn Insurance Ireland

Quinn car insurance

Quinn car insurance provides free breakdown cover and homestart, a 24 claims helpline and an easy payment plan which allows you pay for your insurance in low payments.


Quinn travel insurance

Quinn insurance also provide travel insurance policies for travel within Europe or worldwide. You can get a 10% discount when you buy online and choose a single trip or multi trip policy.


Quinn bike insurance offer discounts if you fulfil their riding qualification requirements and also have free breakdown cover as standard. The rider skills assessment can be a great way to minimize the cost of your bike insurance. Quinn have rider skills assessors all around the country with contact details on their website if you wish to avail of this opportunity.


Quinn insurance also provide home and van insurance and such is the extensive range of their insurance offerings that you would be foolish not to contact them for any of your insurance requirements and to get a quote.


Notwithstanding the fact that Quinn insurance Ireland are under administration it is very much business as usual when it comes to supplying insurance to the Irish market.

Tesco Car Insurance Ireland Review

October 16th, 2011 Comments off

Tesco car insurance Ireland is provided by RSA Insurance Ireland and offers very competitive quotes for car insurance in Ireland.

You can get a Tesco car insurance quote online within minutes by filling outh their online form or if you prefer you can do so by calling their locall telephone number.

Tesco Car Insurance Ireland

Tesco Car Insurance Ireland

If you have a Tesco Clubcard you can get a discount of up to 10% and you can collect Clubcard points on your premium with 1 point being earned for every €1 spent/

(Check out public liability insurance Ireland and health insurance Ireland also)

Levels of cover

Tesco Car insurance provides three levels of cover which they call Finest, standard and value.

The standard features of all Tesco insurance products include

  • Driving another car (third party)
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Third party cover
  • Fire and theft cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Using your car abroad
  • Your sat nav and in car entertainment systems
  • Fire brigade charges.

Tesco can offer their low car insurance policies by cutting administration costs of their insurance products so you will have to pay for your insurance by direct debit, laser card or credit card.

Tesco Car Insurance Ireland

Unusually they do not accept cash or cheques, money orders or postal orders.


Tesco car insurance will supply you with a replacement courtesy car in the event of an accident if you opt to use the approved repairer scheme-up to 7 days on the standard policy and 14 days on the Finest policy.


Tesco value cover

The value cover policy is the cheapest offering from Tesco-it provides you with basic cover at the lowest premium.


Standard cover

The standard cover has all of the benefits of the Value cover product with some extras such as medical expenses, windscreen cover, no claims discount stepback protection and 60 days European cover for accidental damage.

Tesco Car Insurance Ireland

Finest cover

Tesco’s Finest cover policy offers additional benefits to both standard and value cover such as replacement locks, personal belongings, driving another car (3rd party and accidental damage), Tesco breakdown assistance in Europe and up to €30,000 personal accident cover as well as the courtesy car service for up to 14 days.


You can protect your no claims discount with the Standard and Finest policies and obtain further discounts on your premium if you have another Tesco personal finance product as Tesco’s car insurance policies are arranged by the Tesco Personal Finance company and underwritten by RSA Ireland.


Tesco car insurance is worth checking out when looking for cover as there are a range of extras and discounts that may well fit with your existing lifestyle, especially if you are a Tesco Clubcard holder and points collector.

Health Insurance Ireland

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Health insurance in Ireland is provided by a number of companies under the banner of various private health insurance schemes.

Leading providers of health insurance in Ireland include the VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance Board), Quinn healthcare and Hibernian AVIVA who all sell their policies to the general public.

In addition some occupations like the Gardai and the prison officers have their own private health insurance schemes.

(Check out public liability insurance Ireland and home insurance Ireland also)

The health insurance Ireland market is regulated by the Health Insurance Authority (HIA) and it’s primary objective is to ensure that consumers understand the difference policies available and to understand their rights.


The HIA is also responsible for the operation of the risk equalisation scheme which is intended to minimise the gap in insurers’ costs as a result of the variation in health and age of it’s members so as to make health insurance in Ireland affordable to all, even those who the insurance company may not wish to insure on the grounds of age or health without the risk equalisation strategy.


Aviva health insurance

Aviva health insurance is the 3rd largest provider of private health insurance in the Irish market. It offers a wide range of health plans for various levels of cover ranging from semi private rooms in hospitals to full cover for private rooms in both public and private hospitals.

Health Insurance Ireland

Aviva’s health plans range from as little as €53.16 per month for 1 adult and claim to be more competitive than either Quinn health insurance or the VHI.


You will need to shop around yourself to see what company provides the best health plan for you as it can be tricky comparing plans between companies.


Aviva allow you to compare plans between other companies and themselves which might be of assistance to you when trying to get the best quote.


VHI Health insurance

The VHI also offer a wide range of health plans for singles, couples and families and they provide a form online to allow you submit your details and obtain a quotation. They also have a helpline on 1850 211 558 to help you decide on the options available.

VHI Health Insurance Ireland

VHI Health Insurance Ireland

Quinn healthcare

Quinn healthcare also provide an online plan comparator which allows you to get a quote in seconds and they also provide you with cancellation letters if you wish to switch from the VHI or Hibernian Aviva.


Getting the best quote of health care in Ireland can be difficult and will take a little time to figure out what is best for you and your family. If you want to ensure that you get the best quote you will have to set aside a little time and get quotations from the big 3 companies above.


Even then it can be a difficult choice as you are not always sure that you are comparing like with like between the different health plans.


Nonetheless the health insurance market in Ireland is a good deal more competitive than it was when there was only one health care provider in the country (VHI).

Public Liability Insurance Ireland

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Public liability insurance in Ireland is something you should consider strongly if carry on a business in Ireland.

The need for public liability insurance arises as it covers you for when in the course of your business a person suffers damage to themselves or their property.


In short it covers your liability in relation to your interaction with the public in the course of your business-slip and fall injuries on your business premises for example would be covered by your public liability cover and the extent of your public liability cover will be dictated by your business or occupation.


It is clear that advising your insurer about your occupation in clear terms is important as your insurance may not cover activities outside your stated occupation or business. (Check out van insurance Ireland and cheap car insurance Ireland also)

Public Liability Insurance Ireland

Public Liability Insurance Quotations


Seeking out public liability insurance quotations should start with some of the insurers set out below:

Burke Insurances in Galway have a website called and they appear to specialize in public liability cover so they should certainly be on your list when looking for cover. actually allow you to get a quotation and pay online and provide cover for  a wide range of occupations and businesses such as shops, offices, manufacturing, trade shows, market traders, farmers markets, private tutors and many other big and small business owners.

Public Liability Insurance Ireland is another source of public insurance policies and they are a significant provider of public liability insurance in the Irish market, especially in the construction, hospitality and business sectors.


Keystone can provide you with a quotation very quickly but the exact length of time will depend on the individual circumstances of your business.


Generally public liability insurance will provide cover up to €2.6m but this figure can be increased or reduced depending on your circumstances.


It is worth noting that public liability insurance is not legally compulsory in the same way as motor insurance but without a public liability policy you will leave yourself wide open to being sued by a member of the public in their interaction with your business if they suffer injury, death or damage to property. is another provider of public liability insurance in Ireland and are worth checking out.


Other public liability providers

Other providers of public liability cover in the Irish market include Allianz Insurance, who can provide short period policies to cover special occasions or events such as Christmas trees and lights, St. Patrick’s Day parades and other one off events.


It is important to be clear that a public liability policy is not cover for  products liability (you can get a separate policy if necessary) and will not cover injuries to employees in your business, will not cover professional indemnity cover and some other significant exclusions.


So when looking for cover make sure to spell out what you require cover for and ask the broker or insurer to make clear the significant exclusions in their policy.


When searching for pubic liability cover take a look at, and independent insurance brokers who are members of PIBA.

Cheap Car Insurance Ireland-Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Ireland

October 11th, 2011 Comments off

Cheap car insurance Ireland is a much sought after product by all drivers in Ireland.

Getting car insurance in Ireland will depend on a few factors such as your age, the value of your car and your geographical location with some companies putting a loading on your policy depending on where you live. is and aggressive provider of car insurance and is owned by RSA insurance Ireland since 2010. Getting a quote is easy as you can do so online or by telephone between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday or 9.30 am to 6 pm on Saturday.(Check out van insurance Ireland and home insurance Ireland also)

Cheap Car Insurance Ireland is another option for a car insurance quote if you are aged over 25.

Their policies are underwritten by Chartis insurance Ireland limited and you can get a quote within a minute, pay online and print off your certificate immediately. policies provide cover for legal expenses, windscreen cover, free use of a courtesy car and breakdown assistance with their comprehensive policy.


Quinn insurance

Quinn insurance are one of the most approachable car insurers in the Irish market with policies catering for lady drivers, young drivers, mature drivers, taxi drivers and others.


Quinn insurance provide a 24 hour claims helpline and an easy monthly payment plan. You can read more about Quinn insurance elsewhere on this site.

Cheap Car Insurance Ireland

No Nonsense Car Insurance

No Nonsense Car insurance claim to provided the cheapest car insurance in Ireland and they claim to do this by providing you with only the benefits that you want. Essentially their insurance policies provide you with the minimum necessary legal cover to get you driving.


You then choose what extra benefits you want which ultimately will determine your premium cost. These extras will include personal property in your car, windscreen cover, car breakdown assistance, car hire expenses and others. provide an insurance quote comparison which they carried out on a female driver with a 1.4 Litre car living in Dublin and aged 30 for a comprehensive insurance policy. NoNonsense claim that their policy costs €287 compared to the most expensive from Allianz at €548.


So No nonsense are will worth a look when you are shopping around for insurance cover.


Zurich, Aviva and Allianz are also companies you need to contact when looking for cheap car insurance, not to forget AA Ireland who will obtain quotes for you from a range of insurers and allow you to pick the most competitive.


Other insurance providers you will need to contact include, Axa,,,,, and


Tesco Insurance Ireland is another new insurance provider we need to take a look at elsewhere on this site.


The Irish insurance market is well served with all of the providers listed above together with the many independent insurance brokers which are members of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA). The key takeaway is to take the time to shop around for the cheapest and most appropriate insurance cover for you and you should manage to obtain relatively cheap car insurance in Ireland, unlike about 20 years ago when the car insurance was not nearly as competitive.

Van Insurance Ireland

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Van insurance Ireland is well catered for by some leading insurance companies and brokers. is a good place to start if you are looking for an insurance quote; Goggin insurances run this van insurance website and they claim to offer the most competitive van insurance in Ireland.


Their commercial van insurance policies are provided to individuals and companies alike and they provide insurance provided you are over 19 years of age and have either a full or provisional licence. (Check out RSA insurance Ireland and motorbike insurance Ireland also.)


Some of the features of their van insurance include the protection of your no claims bonus, open drive if you are aged between 24 and 70, free windscreen cover and up to a 60% no claims bonus.

Van Insurance Ireland

Their comprehensive policies provide for legal expenses insurance and free 24 our breakdown recovery and you can drive other peoples vans. You can get a quotation online and check out their terms and conditions.

Quote Devil Insurances also specialise in van and commercial vehicles insurance and they can cover not just vans but articulated lorries.

Their commercial policies also allow both restricted and open drive policies. You can submit your details at to obtain your quote and any supplementary information can be given ringing them and you can pay by credit card online.


Quinn van insurance is another product you should take a look at; Quinn have been historically very competitive in markets where others have taken a more conservative approach.

Quinn commercial vehicle insurance tailors their packages to the specific needs of Irish businesses and subject to terms and conditions allow you to drive in most European countries. If you keep your claims to only one or less you can hold onto your 4 years no claims bonus and they are well known for settling claims quickly.

Van Insurance Ireland

Quinn van insurance can be paid for with an easy payment plan. is another provider of van insurance to take a look at-just submit your details online and you will have a quote quickly and you can get them to call you back to discuss your requirements.


Other providers of van insurance in Ireland include, who claim to be van insurance specialists,, axa insurance, and which is the website of a network of independent insurance brokers in Ireland regulated by the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA).


As with all insurance policies the onus and legal obligation is on you to act with the utmost good faith when submitting your details to obtain a quotation. This is known as “uberimma fides”. Failing to disclose relevant information or submitting incorrect information can leave you uninsured as if it later transpires that you did not act in good faith the insurer can invalidate your policy.

RSA Insurance Ireland

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RSA insurance Ireland is part of the global RSA Group and provides it’s wider range of insurance products in Ireland through the insurance broker network.

RSA insurance employs 450 people in Ireland and provides commercial and general insurance in the following areas-

  • Home
  • Property
  • Commercial
  • Travel
  • Motor


RSA Ireland is also a generous sponsor of the Irish cricket team and they provides some very useful checklists on it’s website to prevent damage to your home in winter, preventing burglary and intruders and keeping your car on the road.

RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA Insurance Ireland


RSA insurance provides a wide range of commercial insurance products for business in Ireland including smes and larger businesses including for motor fleets, group personal accident and travel, business interruption and property damage, marine insurance, professional and financial risks, cargo, holiday villages, apartment blocks, engineering and carriers liability in the transport of freight. (Read pet insurance Ireland and motorbike insurance Ireland also)


SME insurance Ireland

RSA is a leading provider of insurance to small and medium enterprises (sme’s) in Ireland and can provide quotes in 48 hours.

Their team of new business underwriters will ensure that if you have a shop, office or other property you will get a quote quickly and they also will do a pre-quote survey to help you reduce risk and implement risk control measures.

RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA car insurance

RSA Ireland offer three car insurance products in Ireland-

1. Lady plus car insurance

2. Select car insurance (tailored to your specific needs)

3. General car insurance.

The types of car cover provided include comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft.

RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA home insurance

Not a lot of people would know that RSA Ireland is the largest insurer of homes in Ireland through their broker network.

Their household insurance policies are

  1. Safehome
  2. Safehome select
  3. Safehome options

Safehome is the general household insurance product whilst the Safehome Select insurance policy allows you to cut your insurance policy to the minimum essentials and is designed to save you money.

Safehome options is RSA’s product for holiday homes and residential investment properties rather than the owner occupies homes.

RSA offer discounts for various customers depending on your age, whether you have an alarm fitted by a provider who is licensed by the Private Security Authority.

RSA insurance Ireland is a name that you may not immediately think of when seeking insurance; however they are in Ireland for many, many years with a very large insurance business built up through it’s broker network and are well worth checking out when you next seek to renew your insurance policy, be it for motor, business or property.

Motorbike Insurance Ireland | Getting a Motorbike Insurance Quote in Ireland

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Motorbike insurance in Ireland has been a source of difficulty for many bikers for many years.

The accident rates of motorbikes have caused a reluctance of many insurers to provide insurance for motorbikes.

Quinn Motorbike Insurance is one of the leading providers of motorcycle insurance in the Irish market. You can obtain a quote online and their motorcycle insurance provides the following benefits:

  • Riding qualification discounts
  • A good no claims discount
  • A 24 hours claims helpline
  • Optional legal coverMotorbike Insurance Ireland
  • A no claims discount protection option
  • Easy monthly payment plans
  • And free breakdown cover

Quinn motorycycle insurance offers the choice of third party only cover, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover.

Motorbike Insurance Ireland

Third party cover covers you for any legal responsibility to third parties only; third party fire and theft covers you for the above and any damage or loss to your bike from fire, theft or attempted theft; comprehensive motorbike cover covers you for all of the above plus accidental damage to your bike. (Check out Aviva car insurance, home insurance Ireland and pet insurance Ireland also.)


The rider skills assessment is an opportunity offered by Quinn Insurance for a rider to improve your riding skills and reduce the cost of your cover by fairly generous discounts.


Adelaide Insurance Services

Adelaide insurance services is another specialist provider of motorcycle insurance in Ireland with quotes available online for bikers aged between 25 and 69.



Aon bikecare is a worldwide provider of motorbike insurance and provides motorbike insurance in Ireland through Axa Ireland limited.

Motorbike Insurance Ireland

Carole Nash

Carole Nash is another provider of motorbike insurance in Ireland and offers Irish and European breakdown and accident recovery as well as their foreign use cover.


Motorbike insurance in Ireland essentially relies on the four providers above and if you are a young biker you will have a hard time getting a quote. Many motorbike insurance providers won’t cover particular parts of the country also so make sure to shop around for your quotations early as you may be in for a rude awakening.

Pet Insurance Ireland

October 9th, 2011 Comments off

Looking for the best pet insurance in Ireland?

You will find a wide enough range of pet insurance products available in Ireland-let’s take a look at some of the leading providers of insurance for pets in Ireland.

Allianz pet insurance

Allianz insurance provides insurance cover for your cat or dog in Ireland and you can avail of a quick estimator online to get a quotation.

You simply need to fill in whether your pet is a cat or dog, what breed, whether your pet is microchipped or not, your age and the pet’s age.


This will give you a quick quote for your insurance policy and you can then get a full quote after filling in these details.

Allianz pet insurance offer a 10% discount when you buy your pet insurance online.

Your pet insurance from Allianz will cover theft or straying of your pet, recover cost, boarding kennel or cattery fees, death from illness or accident, veterinary fees for injury and illness and third party liability and legal costs with a maximum of €250,000 for this part of the cover.

Pet Insurance Ireland offer very competitive pet insurance also for cats and dogs with three cover levels being offered (essential, premier and premier plus) with the premier policy being for 12 months only, premier plus being a lifetime policy and the essential policy covering only accident and liability only.


The dog insurance cover starts from €99 and the cat pet insurance starting from €69. also offers some optional extras with their insurance policies such as overseas travel, emergency repatriation and loss of passport. is another provider of pet insurance in Ireland and as with the other insurance providers you can simply fill out their online form to obtain a quotation. The level of cover provided is similar to Allianz and and all will require the type of pet, breed and so forth.

Pet Insurance Ireland

Compare pet insurance Ireland

As with all insurance purchases, you should shop around for the best quote and if you wish to compare pet insurance between companies it is made very simple nowadays by the ease with which you can get a quote online and compare it to the other companies.


When comparing policies do check that you are comparing like with like and see that the policy is cover for life and whether if provides for emergency after hours care as this can be pretty expensive.


Furthermore note that many pet insurance policies cover for accident only but the majority of pet insurance claims are for illness treatments, not accidents. Pet insurance Ireland is well provided for so there is no excuse for not providing for all eventualities in relation to your pet.

Aviva Car Insurance Ireland

October 5th, 2011 Comments off

Aviva car insurance Ireland is one of the oldest insurance companies in the nation.

This firm can trace its roots in Ireland back to the year 1780. Since that time, the company has undergone many changes, which include everything from its name to its owners.

All of these alterations have helped to make this company one of the world’s leading names in insurance.

Aviva Car Insurance Ireland

Aviva Car Insurance Ireland

One of the major changes to this company was the inclusion of Hibernian Insurance.

This union along with a number of other mergers, and acquisitions has combined to make Aviva the sixth largest insurance group in the world.

They operate in more than 28 countries and have more than 53 million clients.

If you are in need of insurance, you should make certain to go online and investigate all the different kinds of insurance that this business offers.

They have policies for both adults and children.  A Diagnostic plan and a health cash plan are two of the polices that are offered. If you need international health care coverage, Aviva can provide it.

When it comes to car insurance, Aviva has a full range of plans and coverage.  Aviva’s prices are more than competitive, in many cases they are below those of their competition. Their plans include short term coverage, multicar insurance and classic car insurance.

Their standard policy will cover numerous items, including vehicle transport and recover, audio car equipment and new vehicles that are less than one year.

Due to the size of the company, they are able to grant a lower rate to certain people. People who have good driving records and those who have advanced driver qualifications will benefit from lower premiums.

Additionally, they have special deals for individuals who are renewing a policy or for anyone who can  pass a one-hour ignition test.

When you are looking into this company, make sure to check and see if you can qualify for a discount. You may even get a special rate just for making your purchase online.

Aviva Car Insurance Ireland

Aviva also has a number of special benefits to offer. If you are in an accident, you can reach them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your child’s car seat is in the car at the time of the accident, they will replace the seat, even if there is no visual sign of damage.

Furthermore, they have a single point of contact procedure in place. What this means to you is that you will only have to deal with one person after an accident.

Free online quotes

If you’re interested in learning more about Aviva and their wide range of products, you should go online and visit their website. Not only do they provide detailed information about all of their policies and benefits, you can get free online quotes as well.

One of the things that is of interest to most people is the price of the policies. Since they are one of the largest insurance companies in Ireland, they often have extraordinarily cheap plans available.

Therefore, for those individuals seeking reliable inexpensive insurance, Aviva car insurance Ireland is the place to start.