Axa Home Insurance

Axa home insurance are one of the leading providers of insurance in the Irish market and we thought it would be worthwhile to take a closer look at their operation.

Like all insurers in Ireland Axa home insurance can be bought quickly and easily online. One of the reasons for the popularity of Axa is the extensive nature of their contents cover.

Axa Contents Cover

Axa contents cover covers a very wide range of eventualities such as:

• Accidental breakage of glass and windows

• Entertainment equipment

• Title deeds (up to a limit of €1,300)

• Visitors’ property

• Wedding and Christmas presents

• Fatal accident cover

• Cover for jury service (€20 per day up to a max of €750)

• Loss of heating oil due to accident (up to €750)

• Loss of credit cards

• Frozen food and cover for many other annoying losses

Axa Home Insurance
Axa Home Insurance

Building cover

Axa’s building cover provides for damage to television aerials and satellite dishes, temporary accommodation and rent where necessary (up to 20% of sum insured), fire brigade charges and cover for finding a leak.
Axa insurance discounts
Axa provide some very attractive discounts such as:

• 10% for over 50s

• 10% if you have an approved alarm

• Up to 30% no claims bonus

• 15% if you have an Axa car insurance policy.

As with all insurance policies you will want to check your policy document closely as notwithstanding the attractive features mentioned above in both the home and contents policies extras that you may choose to buy include accidental damage cover, personal effects cover and personal injury. See also home insurance Ireland and house insurance quotes in Ireland.

Axa Home Insurance

If you shop around you will find that accidental damage cover is included as standard in many policies from FBD, Bank of Ireland, AA, Quinn and others so the advice is to always compare like with like to compare properly.

Axa also insure holiday homes, investment properties, homes during construction and fine art collections for the luckier members of society who have such collections.

Your home insurance quote from Axa will be cheaper if you make your house safer with approved burglar alarms, smoke alarms, membership of neighbourhood watch or other community schemes which are active in watching out for your neighbours.

Axa provide a 24 hour helpline for urgent repairs after storms etc. and they will even cover your contents in transit.
Axa also allow you to pay your home insurance premiums each monthly although they do charge a hefty APR17.04% for the privilege and you are responsible for the first €350 of a claim and €1,000 where there is an escape of water.

When it comes to making and handling claims Axa are pretty progressive insofar as they provide a home repair service which involves Axa sending out a builder or tradesman to assess the damage in your home.

Axa will then pay the builder directly and use an approved list of building contractors in Ireland. The benefits of this service is that there is a lot less hassle for you as homeowner, you don’t have to worry about getting estimates and the repair work is guaranteed.

Axa home insurance are a market leader in Ireland and would be one of your first options to compare with the likes of FBD or Quinn when it comes to your new quotation; discounts for existing car policy holders combined with their smooth handling of home insurance claims with the Axa home repair service are also very popular with Irish homeowners.