Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line car insurance provides a way to purchase insurance directly, without the need for an agent in the middle.

Gone are the days when you would have to deal with insurance door knockers – now you can go directly through the insurance company.

The result is more competitive pricing and a more upfront view of exactly what you get with your policy.

direct line car insurance

Regrettably direct line car insurance is not available in the Republic of Ireland as they only provide car insurance in the U.K. and Northern Ireland.

However if you live in Northern Ireland this article hopefully will be of some benefit to you.

(In Northern Ireland you need to be over the age of 22 and you must have a UK address for Direct Line to provide you with a quotation)

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Direct Line is a solely online and phone based insurance provider based in the UK. They are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. It is now the biggest provider of car insurance in the UK. Celebrities like Stephen Fry and Chris Addison have even starred in their TV commercials.

You may or may not have already read a review or two about Direct Line. Certainly there are many opinions out there, but it’s hard to look past how popular this insurance company has become, particularly for car insurance.


They offer a discount if you insure more than one car, and because they have a focus on pro-actively finding fraudulent or exaggerated claims, this helps in keeping their prices low. If you choose comprehensive car cover, you can still keep your no claims discount due to the extra vandalism cover which will not affect your rating. Direct Line also takes care of your excess if an uninsured driver hits you.

In addition to car insurance, Direct Line also offers cheap travel, home, business, pet and landlord insurance. They have become a one stop insurance provider from where you can obtain virtually any insurance policy.

Also available from the company is a directline roadside breakdown service called Green Flag. They have a call center that is open 24 hours which members can call of they have vehicle problems on the road. In addition, existing car insurance customers can receive 25% off Breakdown Cover, which is a compliment to the Green Flag motoring assistance. Direct Line is also offers a discount on home insurance for anyone takes out a Direct Line car insurance policy.


Direct Line car insurance is central location that you can get any new insurance policy from. You might wish to compare providers first and get multiple quotes, or just go straight through to Direct Line as your provider. You can easily contact them via the internet or phone to discuss your needs, or to ask any specific questions relating to your situation that you need answered before taking out a new policy.