Health Insurance Ireland

Health insurance in Ireland is provided by a number of companies under the banner of various private health insurance schemes.

Leading providers of health insurance in Ireland include the VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance Board), Quinn healthcare and Hibernian AVIVA who all sell their policies to the general public.

In addition some occupations like the Gardai and the prison officers have their own private health insurance schemes.

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The health insurance Ireland market is regulated by the Health Insurance Authority (HIA) and it’s primary objective is to ensure that consumers understand the difference policies available and to understand their rights.


The HIA is also responsible for the operation of the risk equalisation scheme which is intended to minimise the gap in insurers’ costs as a result of the variation in health and age of it’s members so as to make health insurance in Ireland affordable to all, even those who the insurance company may not wish to insure on the grounds of age or health without the risk equalisation strategy.


Aviva health insurance

Aviva health insurance is the 3rd largest provider of private health insurance in the Irish market. It offers a wide range of health plans for various levels of cover ranging from semi private rooms in hospitals to full cover for private rooms in both public and private hospitals.

Health Insurance Ireland

Aviva’s health plans range from as little as €53.16 per month for 1 adult and claim to be more competitive than either Quinn health insurance or the VHI.


You will need to shop around yourself to see what company provides the best health plan for you as it can be tricky comparing plans between companies.


Aviva allow you to compare plans between other companies and themselves which might be of assistance to you when trying to get the best quote.


VHI Health insurance

The VHI also offer a wide range of health plans for singles, couples and families and they provide a form online to allow you submit your details and obtain a quotation. They also have a helpline on 1850 211 558 to help you decide on the options available.

VHI Health Insurance Ireland
VHI Health Insurance Ireland

Quinn healthcare

Quinn healthcare also provide an online plan comparator which allows you to get a quote in seconds and they also provide you with cancellation letters if you wish to switch from the VHI or Hibernian Aviva.


Getting the best quote of health care in Ireland can be difficult and will take a little time to figure out what is best for you and your family. If you want to ensure that you get the best quote you will have to set aside a little time and get quotations from the big 3 companies above.


Even then it can be a difficult choice as you are not always sure that you are comparing like with like between the different health plans.


Nonetheless the health insurance market in Ireland is a good deal more competitive than it was when there was only one health care provider in the country (VHI).