Mobile Home Insurance

When looking for mobile home insurance for your caravan or mobile in Ireland there are a limited enough range of options-but there are insurers nevertheless who will insure your mobile.

There are a number of significant exclusions though which we will look at below.


Firstly when looking for the best deal in mobile home insurance you will need some basic information to hand such as

  • The model of mobile or caravan
  • The serial number
  • It’s permanent location
  • Whether you let it out for hire or only use it for personal use
  • The value of your mobile home/caravan and whether you want personal effects insured.


Most insurers who provide cover for mobile homes will give you a separate policy or you can add it as an extra to your home insurance, for example Allianz offer mobile home insurance as an extra option to their regular house insurance. See also holiday home insurance.

Mobile Home Insurance


When looking at different insurance policies for your mobile or caravan check the following:

  • Does the policy cover all fixtures and fittings including satellite dishes, decking, outdoor storage sheds and any verandah you may have?
  • Are household goods and personal effects contained in your mobile covered?
  • If you need to remove your caravan for repair after damage are the costs of transport/removal covered?
  • If your mobile is made uninhabitable as a result of damage or stormy weather are you covered?
  • Are fire brigade charges included in the policy?
  • Is there 3rd party cover for any liability to others?
  • Are there requirements in relation to whether the mobile is permanently secured?
  • What is the requirement in relation to the period from October to March when the mobile or caravan can normally unused?
  • Are any caravan awnings included in your policy cover?
  • If the caravan is hired out for profit is it covered?
  • What is the situation if you decide to tour abroad in the UK or Europe?
  • If you do hire it out is your mobile covered for theft?

Mobile Home Insurance

When looking for insurance you will probably get the best deal from a specialist insurer who understands and is familiar with the mobile/caravan market so shop around and speak to other caravan owners as to who they insure with and their experience when forced to make a claim under their policy.