Public Liability Insurance Ireland

Public liability insurance in Ireland is something you should consider strongly if carry on a business in Ireland.

The need for public liability insurance arises as it covers you for when in the course of your business a person suffers damage to themselves or their property.


In short it covers your liability in relation to your interaction with the public in the course of your business-slip and fall injuries on your business premises for example would be covered by your public liability cover and the extent of your public liability cover will be dictated by your business or occupation.


It is clear that advising your insurer about your occupation in clear terms is important as your insurance may not cover activities outside your stated occupation or business. (Check out van insurance Ireland and cheap car insurance Ireland also)

Public Liability Insurance Ireland

Public Liability Insurance Quotations


Seeking out public liability insurance quotations should start with some of the insurers set out below:

Burke Insurances in Galway have a website called and they appear to specialize in public liability cover so they should certainly be on your list when looking for cover. actually allow you to get a quotation and pay online and provide cover for  a wide range of occupations and businesses such as shops, offices, manufacturing, trade shows, market traders, farmers markets, private tutors and many other big and small business owners.

Public Liability Insurance Ireland is another source of public insurance policies and they are a significant provider of public liability insurance in the Irish market, especially in the construction, hospitality and business sectors.


Keystone can provide you with a quotation very quickly but the exact length of time will depend on the individual circumstances of your business.


Generally public liability insurance will provide cover up to €2.6m but this figure can be increased or reduced depending on your circumstances.


It is worth noting that public liability insurance is not legally compulsory in the same way as motor insurance but without a public liability policy you will leave yourself wide open to being sued by a member of the public in their interaction with your business if they suffer injury, death or damage to property. is another provider of public liability insurance in Ireland and are worth checking out.


Other public liability providers

Other providers of public liability cover in the Irish market include Allianz Insurance, who can provide short period policies to cover special occasions or events such as Christmas trees and lights, St. Patrick’s Day parades and other one off events.


It is important to be clear that a public liability policy is not cover for  products liability (you can get a separate policy if necessary) and will not cover injuries to employees in your business, will not cover professional indemnity cover and some other significant exclusions.


So when looking for cover make sure to spell out what you require cover for and ask the broker or insurer to make clear the significant exclusions in their policy.


When searching for pubic liability cover take a look at, and independent insurance brokers who are members of PIBA.