Quinn Insurance Ireland Have You Covered

Quinn insurance Ireland encompasses a broad range of insurance products in the Irish market.

Quinn Insurance Limited is currently under administration but continues to provide insurance cover in Ireland under a number of different business names.

Search names such as Quinn-direct, Quinn direct-insurance, Quinn-insurance and Quinn-healthcare.

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Quinn insurance provides insurance cover  in the areas of:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance and
  • Healthcare.

Quinn business insurance

Quinn business insurance provides cover for the motor trade, hotel industry, farming, offices and shops, commercial property, construction, pubs, professional and more.

Quinn Insurance Ireland

One of the primary benefits of getting your insurance from Quinn is that they have local representatives around the country and are renowned for their fast settlement approach.


They also offer to pay up to 50% of policy excess in circumstances where the policyholder helps to avoid legal costs.


Quinn’s settlement approach involves a fast approach to settling claims which sees about 97% of claims being resolved without the necessity of many of the costs usually associated with claims handling. In fact they claim to settle 97% of claims within 12 months and over 70% within 3 months.


This approach to settling claims can lead to lower insurance premiums for all policyholders with Quinn insurance.


Their claims service sees regional claims managers being notified within two hours of an accident being reported and once a claim is investigated and liability ascertained an offer of settlement is made.

Quinn Insurance Ireland

Quinn car insurance

Quinn car insurance provides free breakdown cover and homestart, a 24 claims helpline and an easy payment plan which allows you pay for your insurance in low payments.


Quinn travel insurance

Quinn insurance also provide travel insurance policies for travel within Europe or worldwide. You can get a 10% discount when you buy online and choose a single trip or multi trip policy.


Quinn bike insurance offer discounts if you fulfil their riding qualification requirements and also have free breakdown cover as standard. The rider skills assessment can be a great way to minimize the cost of your bike insurance. Quinn have rider skills assessors all around the country with contact details on their website if you wish to avail of this opportunity.


Quinn insurance also provide home and van insurance and such is the extensive range of their insurance offerings that you would be foolish not to contact them for any of your insurance requirements and to get a quote.


Notwithstanding the fact that Quinn insurance Ireland are under administration it is very much business as usual when it comes to supplying insurance to the Irish market.