RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA insurance Ireland is part of the global RSA Group and provides it’s wider range of insurance products in Ireland through the insurance broker network.

RSA insurance employs 450 people in Ireland and provides commercial and general insurance in the following areas-

  • Home
  • Property
  • Commercial
  • Travel
  • Motor


RSA Ireland is also a generous sponsor of the Irish cricket team and they provides some very useful checklists on it’s website to prevent damage to your home in winter, preventing burglary and intruders and keeping your car on the road.

RSA Insurance Ireland
RSA Insurance Ireland


RSA insurance provides a wide range of commercial insurance products for business in Ireland including smes and larger businesses including for motor fleets, group personal accident and travel, business interruption and property damage, marine insurance, professional and financial risks, cargo, holiday villages, apartment blocks, engineering and carriers liability in the transport of freight. (Read pet insurance Ireland and motorbike insurance Ireland also)


SME insurance Ireland

RSA is a leading provider of insurance to small and medium enterprises (sme’s) in Ireland and can provide quotes in 48 hours.

Their team of new business underwriters will ensure that if you have a shop, office or other property you will get a quote quickly and they also will do a pre-quote survey to help you reduce risk and implement risk control measures.

RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA car insurance

RSA Ireland offer three car insurance products in Ireland-

1. Lady plus car insurance

2. Select car insurance (tailored to your specific needs)

3. General car insurance.

The types of car cover provided include comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft.

RSA Insurance Ireland

RSA home insurance

Not a lot of people would know that RSA Ireland is the largest insurer of homes in Ireland through their broker network.

Their household insurance policies are

  1. Safehome
  2. Safehome select
  3. Safehome options

Safehome is the general household insurance product whilst the Safehome Select insurance policy allows you to cut your insurance policy to the minimum essentials and is designed to save you money.

Safehome options is RSA’s product for holiday homes and residential investment properties rather than the owner occupies homes.

RSA offer discounts for various customers depending on your age, whether you have an alarm fitted by a provider who is licensed by the Private Security Authority.

RSA insurance Ireland is a name that you may not immediately think of when seeking insurance; however they are in Ireland for many, many years with a very large insurance business built up through it’s broker network and are well worth checking out when you next seek to renew your insurance policy, be it for motor, business or property.